VEP testing with the Diopsys® NOVA Vision System is now performed at the Hope Clinic Bellevue location

VEP testing with the Diopsys® NOVA Vision System is now performed at the Hope Clinic Bellevue location

Dr. Kadet’s Neuro-Optometry and Functional Optometry/Vision Therapy practice has expanded assessments to include VEP

In Neuro-Optometry, Dr. Kadet utilizes VEP testing in the diagnosis and treatment of Visual Dysfunctions from Closed Head Injury/Traumatic Brain Injury and Stroke. Best lens and prism corrections for Amblyopia, Strabismus and Special Populations can be determined by VEP evaluation.

The Diopsys® NOVA Vision System uses electrophysiology to objectively measure the function of the entire visual pathway, from the eyes to the visual cortex. In addition to the above, VEP has been demonstrated to provide data to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of many medical eye disorders, including:

  • Glaucoma
  • AMD
  • Diabetic edema
  • Optic Neuritis

VEP Testing can aid in determining the efficacy of the treatment regimen.

VEP Latency and/or Amplitude can be diagnostic, and followed before and during treatment. See the following following for further elaboration.


VEP Data helps Primary Care Optometric Physicians better manage patients with ocular disease.

Hope Clinic will accept referrals from Primary Care Optometric Physicians. Printed VEP data will be transmitted to the referring Doctor, and Dr. Kadet will be available for consultation. For this service, Hope Clinic will accept insurance reimbursement – patients will only be responsible for deductibles and co-pays.

COVD Dr Kadet’s Approach To Presentation – VT Session Chart Notes

If you feel your clients could benefit from this vision test, please call 425-462-7800 with questions or a request for patient treatment. We look forward to hearing from you.

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