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The first is a Free Vision Screening with Dr. Kadet, which will provide some valuable information about how well your eyes track together as a team. Keep in mind, this is a screening and will not result in a diagnosis, but will give you valuable time with the doctor to get many of your questions answered. The Full Functional Vision Exam may be suggested for you at this screening.

If you already suspect that you are on track for a journey into Vision Therapy, but have not been evaluated with a diagnosis, the 21-point Full Functional Vision Exam is for you. This full battery of assessments is required before you are scheduled for Vision Therapy to begin, and will determine the best course of action for you and your Vision Therapists to help you reach your goals.

Schedule a Full Functional Vision Evaluation at Hope Clinic

In order to facilitate scheduling a full functional vision evaluation exam, please provide the following information and submit the form to us!

Exams are an hour in length. Please indicate if you would prefer to see the doctor in our following offices:

  • Bellevue, Monday & Tuesday
  • Tacoma, Wednesday
  • Silverdale, Thursday

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Contact Hope Clinic to begin the process of learning how Vision Therapy can help you or your child! Hope Clinic offers two online options: Schedule a Free Screening or Schedule a Full Functional Vision Evaluation, or call us at (425) 462-7800.