When “Back to School” is more like “Back to Struggle”…

When “Back to School” is more like “Back to Struggle”…

The kids are back to school, into the full swing of new schedules, teachers, workloads and social contexts.

We always hope that our kids will be enthusiastic and happily adjusting to their new routines. But this transition time can be hard for many students, and because of their challenges and frequent complaints, it can be hard for their parents too. For students who have had academic or attention challenges in the past, the summer has given them a welcome relief from what they found school to be last school year….HARD.  

The “homework war” may be raging as the struggle with academics continues to diminish the child’s self-esteem. When self-esteem suffers, this often affects the quality of the child’s relationships as well.

There are many avenues to explore to help a student gain the skills needed to succeed not only in school, but in life one often overlooked area is Binocular Vision. 80% of what we learn depends on the efficiency of the visual system. “20/20” eyesight is only a very small part of good vision.

Seeing is our dominant sense and our primary source for gathering information in learning. Binocular Vision problems can have a profound effect on how we learn, and are often experienced by adults as well as children. Many students who experience academic difficulty may have a treatable visual dysfunction in addition to their primary reading or learning dysfunction. Underlying many learning difficulties are vision problems that are not detected during typical school vision screenings.

At Hope Clinic’s FREE FUNCTIONAL VISION SCREENING, Dr. Kadet will assess how well the eyes work together as a team, and will help you determine if Vision Therapy can help.

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