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Welcome to Hope Clinic

At Hope Clinic, your vision is our mission. Our combined skills and knowledge will help you attain optimal visually guided life skills.

The demands of today’s society greatly stress our vision systems, with much time spent on computers, cell phones and tablets. Children and adults alike are constantly using their near vision in the high tech atmosphere of school and workplace. No longer do we use our ‘hunter’ eyes for survival, spotting game and enemies at a distance. Today, we are required to deal with sustained, near visual tasks, resulting in many symptoms and problems which, in the case of children who do not know differently, often go undetected or untreated. Many people, even those who have 20/20 eyesight at certain distances, need to build their visual skills through Vision Therapy.

Empowering the individual through teamwork to build strong visually-guided lifeskills.

Hope Clinic specializes in empowering the individual through teamwork to build strong visually-guided lifeskills. We carefully design a Vision Therapy program to incrementally build upon your current visual skills, helping you achieve and excel to your highest potential. Those who benefit include people of all ages with visual system dysfunctions impacting:

80% of what we learn depends on the efficiency of the visual system. “20/20” eyesight is only a very small part of good vision.

We do not typically observe signs to measure progress of vision development, but rather evidence of problems once they have occurred. 20/20 vision does not necessarily mean a person has ‘good vision’. Other components of good vision include healthy eyes, visual acuity that is age appropriate, visual integration, visual information processing, and visual skills such as eye teaming, focusing and tracking.

Contact Hope Clinic to begin the process of learning how Vision Therapy can help you or your child! Hope Clinic offers two online options: Schedule a Free Screening or Schedule a Full Functional Vision Evaluation, or call us at (425) 462-7800.