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Meet Our Staff at Hope Clinic

Lisa Knopp, Certified Chief Vision Therapist, COVT, Bellevue

Lisa Knopp, Hope Clinic, BellevueLisa is the Lead Vision Therapist at Hope Clinic in Bellevue after a fulfilling career as an elementary school teacher and director of reading centers.

She completed her BA in Education at Kean University in New Jersey, and received her MA training in Education and Special Education at San Francisco State University.

She has two sons, one who has benefited greatly from Vision Therapy at Hope Clinic.

“I am happy as never before, to get up in the morning and go to work. I am inspired on a daily basis, and my coworkers are the greatest.

“Hope Clinic has also been a blessing for my son, who never enjoyed reading through 5th grade until Dr. Kadet prescribed Vision Therapy and his eyes improved. It was such a joy the first time he declared that he actually enjoyed reading!”

Dodie Bailey, Certified Vision Therapist, COVT, Silverdale

Dodie Bailey, Hope Clinic, SilverdaleThe Pacific Northwest has been home to Dodie since she was a child. Joining Hope Clinic as a Vision Therapist is Dodie’s third career. She is a former small business owner and has worked in the financial services industry for 15 years in a senior management role.

Dodie considers the opportunity to positively impact the lives of individuals who experience a vision challenge is “truly a privilege”. The quality treatment and vision therapy patients receive at Hope Clinic is provided by a team of knowledgeable, caring people who have a passion to help others.

Dodie has enjoyed facilitating a variety of Junior Achievement classes for middle school-age youth. She has volunteered her time as a youth group leader, cheerleading coach and is a board member of her youngest son’s Pee Wee Association.

Dodie is married with four children. She enjoys attending Seahawks games, Mariner’s games and camping with her family as well as scrapbooking, music, and traveling.

Chelsea Capps, Vision Therapist, Bellevue

Chelsea Born and raised in Duvall WA, Chelsea graduated from Cedarcrest High School. After a couple of years trying to find her passion in work, she fell in love with optometry and spent six years as an Optometric Technician in a primary care office.

Chelsea decided she wanted to take the next step to pursue a more specific field where she could work with specialty cases, that is when she found vision therapy at Hope Clinic. She is now pursuing her COVT certification. A self-proclaimed coffee connoisseur, Chelsea enjoys traveling, has a cat, and could eat street tacos every day for the rest of her life.

Susan Spiller, Lead Patient Care Coordinator & Attorney Liaison, Bellevue

Susan Spiller, Lead Patient Care Coordinator & Attorney Liaison, Hope Clinic, BellevueSusan became acquainted with Hope Clinic when her husband became a patient after his auto accident. After living with uncertainty about her husband’s condition, she saw improvement at a time in his life when it was questionable whether he would ever be able to read again. When a position became available for her at Hope Clinic Bellevue, she took it.

“What we do here, and the people I work with, are amazing.”

Susan has worked in the Emergency Department at Skagit Valley Hospital, for a private physician, and for a physical therapy office. She volunteered in the Skagit County elementary schools with special needs children and owned her own daycare for a decade. She has a degree in English and a two-year certificate in medical studies. Her responsibilities at Hope Clinic include coordinating all aspects of patient care for the three Clinics, and liaison with attorneys for the Traumatic Brain Injury patients.

Bethany Bryant, Patient Care Provider, Bellevue

Bethany Bethany became acquainted with the Hope Clinic through a friend who is a vision therapist with the company. She absolutely loved hearing the stories of helping people. When a position became available in the Bellevue clinic, she jumped on it.

“I want to feel great about getting out of bed every day and doing something that impacts peoples’ lives in a great way.” Bethany has graduated from Pierce College with an AA in Business and is working on her BA in Liberal Arts with a minor in Business from ASU. When Bethany is not studying or at work, she is taking care of all the animals at the farm, which includes pigs, goats, chickens, dogs, cats, and the occasional stray mule.

Patti Hoopes, Patient Care Coordinator, Bellevue

Patti Hoopes, Hope Clinic, BellevueAs Patient Care Coordinator and Vision Therapist for over a decade, Patti feels it is an honor to serve folks that come to HOPE CLINIC for vision care. She is blessed to work with Dr. Kadet and our HOPE CLINIC Staff. “We team together to seek answers to the individual patient’s vision needs. Each patient is special and HOPE for their future is what we desire!”

While she was directing an Allergy Department in another clinic, Patti met Dr. Kadet over 20 years ago. Her grandson was blessed to have Dr. Kadet correct his vision problems.

“HOPE CLINIC is one of the joys of my life!”

Patti has received education at Portland State College, Boise State University, and continuing education and certificates in medical care from various institutions including the Northwest Congress of Optometry. She is married with three children and two grandchildren.

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