Insurance Coverage at Hope Clinic | Policy of Care and Payment

Insurance at Hope Clinic

Hope Clinic is an Out-Of-Network Provider.


Although we are an Out-of- Network Provider, we will bill all insurance companies as a courtesy (with the exception of Medicare or Medicaid).

Be sure to check with your insurance to see if you have Out-Of-Network Coverage. Insurance codes for pre-determination of benefits will be supplied upon request. Patients may be responsible to pay any additional costs that the insurance will not cover.

Do you bill to Vision or Medical Insurance?
Neuro-optometric Vision Therapy is considered a medical procedure; which is billed to medical insurance, not to vision insurance.
Can I receive Vision Therapy Treatment if I do not have Insurance or have Medicaid/Medicare?
Absolutely! We have payment plans available for patients without insurance. For your convenience, we accept cash, personal checks, and DISCOVER, VISA, MASTERCARD OR AMEX.
How much does Vision Therapy cost?
Each patient has individual vision diagnoses, therefore, there is no set price as to how much your Vision Therapy Treatment will cost. To obtain the correct price for your customized Vision Therapy program, please schedule your Full Functional Vision Evaluation.  This can be scheduled after a Free Screening has taken place, or you may choose to do without a Free Screening, but the Full Functional Vision Evaluation will be required to determine cost of therapy.

More information on Insurance

Please ask our Office Administrator about issues concerning your insurance carrier. All insurance eligibility must be presented and confirmed prior to provided services. If insurance eligibility cannot be confirmed you will be responsible for payment in full for all services at the time of your visit.

All fees are the full responsibility of the patient/parent/guardian. If your insurance carrier does cover the services received at Hope Clinic, our office will file an insurance claim (HCFA 1500) on your behalf as a courtesy. However, it is your responsibility to pay in full for any services not covered by your insurance plan. If you prepay for any service, any insurance payments we receive at a later date will be credited to your account and/or refunded to you. Insurance codes for pre-determination of benefits will be supplied upon request.

Contact Hope Clinic to begin the process of learning how Vision Therapy can help you or your child! Hope Clinic offers two online options: Schedule a Free Screening or Schedule a Full Functional Vision Evaluation, or call us at (425) 462-7800.