Success stories at Hope Clinic || Progressing through Vision Therapy at Hope Clinic improved reading skills and test scores

Success Stories and Testimonials at Hope Clinic

“I’ve never seen anything like it in my entire career. His whole destiny has changed, and certainly his own sense of self. Everyday he continues to break through barriers that he didn’t think he was capable of breaking through, but they are barriers that no longer apply to him now that his eyes work properly. Great big hats off to you and your team because you have changed this kid’s life in a profound way.”

K.M., 4th grade schoolteacher after her student had 12 Vision Therapy sessions

“You have drastically changed our lives for the better by helping Lindsey when no one else could. We will be eternally grateful that you “saved” our little girl from a life without anyone understanding the root cause of her problems. Bob and I shudder to think how her life would be had you not helped her. As Bob and I told you at Lindsey’s last appointment, she has gone from extreme frustration when trying to read or do school work to picking up books whenever she can. Sometimes we even have to tell her to stop reading!”

Bob & Shelley

“It has been a pleasure working with you over the last year. I know Ryan looked forward to his weekly sessions with you and he enjoyed your positive attitude and enthusiasm. The changes he has undergone in the last year have made such a difference in his academics and his confidence. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication.”


“Vision therapy has really made a huge difference for us. Colin really struggled with reading in second grade, always preferring to be read to. As he progressed through vision therapy, he began to read more and more. Now, at the end of third grade, he reads for hours each day and it is often a struggle to get him to put his book down to go to sleep at night. He is now in all of the top groups academically and is testing grades above where he should be. We are truly grateful to see the immense progress he has made while in the vision therapy program and happy to see his love of reading emerge. We can’t thank Dr. Kadet and his vision therapy team enough!”

Mary, Colin’s mom

“My daughter’s reading confidence has improved and homework has been less stressful. We’ve even noticed much faster typing speed…..not just reading. She more easily comprehends instruction and has greatly reduced seeking assistance in understanding assignments. A huge thank you to the entire staff at the Hope Clinic. I was repeatedly impressed with everyone’s support, professionalism and sincere interest in my daughter’s progress. You are a true blessing!”


“Our son Hunter experienced a drop in his grades. His 4th grade teacher Mrs. Anasari thought he was capable of doing the work. He wasn’t getting the grades that he was in the past. We were hoping he wasn’t ADHD or some thing like that. So Mrs. Ansari thought ‘Maybe we should have his eye sight checked.’

We knew he had 20/20 so what was the point, right? Wrong! Hunter, as it turned out through testing at Hope Clinic, had a “tracking problem” with his right eye that made it hard for him to track properly when reading and lining up his math problems. When he finished his Vision Therapy at the Hope Clinic, he was a changed boy!

We cannot thank this very observant Fourth grade Teacher Mrs. Ansari and the Hope Clinic enough. Rather than putting him on Meds he didn’t need, we had the problem fixed drug free!

He is thriving in school now. He can’t wait to get his home work done and is reading everything he can get his hands on. Thank you just doesn’t seem enough, so maybe getting the word out to other parents who are going through what we did last year will help. We hope so!”


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