Hope Clinic is open

Hope Clinic is following the recommendations of the WA State Department of Health, the WA State Board of Optometry and the Optometric Physicians of WA in setting our guidelines for office visits at this time.

We understand and apologize for any inconveniences in following these directives.

  • Please arrive five to ten minutes before your appointment. Wait in your car as the reception room must remain closed. We will call you on your cellphone when ready for your appointment.
  • Wash or sanitize your hands upon arrival. Your temperature may be taken.
  • Masks are required before entering the Clinic – both adults and children. Masks need to remain on for the entire appointment.
  • Only parent(s) or guardian may accompany a child – siblings are not permitted in the Clinic. A parent needs to be available for consultation following in-Clinic Vision Therapy appointment.
  • An adult may accompany an adult patient.
  • We will maintain a 6 foot social distance whenever possible.
  • Schedules will be spaced out to allow for proper disinfection in between patients.

The Hope Clinic Staff thanks you for your understanding as we all attempt to adjust to the current conditions.

Contact Hope Clinic to begin the process of learning how Vision Therapy can help you or your child! Hope Clinic offers two online options: Schedule a Free Screening or Schedule a Full Functional Vision Evaluation, or call us at (425) 462-7800.